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General & Laparoscopic Surgery Reviews

Exceptional care and treatment are what we pride ourselves on at Columbus Surgical Associates. Our compassionate staff will walk your through your procedure and prepare you for what lies ahead, while our experienced surgeons make sure that you get the best care possible. Dr. B.J. Pomerants and Dr. Stephen M. Glatz are thoroughly trained in both general surgery and laparoscopic surgery and are fully committed to making your surgical process as simple as possible.

Read Dr. Pomerants’s and Dr. Glatz’s most recent reviews regarding their bedside manner, treatments, and staff to get an idea of the unmatched care you can expect at Columbus Surgical Associates. If you or a loved one has recently undergone a general surgery, laparoscopic surgery, or other procedure at one of our offices, and wish to leave your own review, please see the links below. At Columbus Surgical Associates, our patients are our number one priority.

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